Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Just made a website but now you’re worried about traffic? Then this article is the right one to guide your way.  We have got some interesting yet simple steps to increase the traffic on your website and it’s absolutely free of cost in 2022.

1 Quora

This is the platform where thousands of visitors ask questions and people seek relevant answers to their questions. So you might be wondering what it has to do with website trafficking? It does, because when you are answering their question about a topic that is already on your website you can easily put the link on that post. But be careful not to post your link to irrelevant places. Seek questions that you can answer based on the article that you have posted on your website. This will help you drag more traffic to your website. You will be amazed to see how fast and more people will visit your website.

2 Canva

This platform is a very cool way to increase traffic to your website. Start using Canva to create interesting infographics. People now want to see detailed information in a short format. So by creating attractive infographics, diagrams, flowcharts, and icons you can easily link them to your website.

3 Facebook groups

Even though it’s not a popular idea to have Facebook groups,  it really does help you get more traffic to your website. You will notice that every company has a Facebook group. So start getting involved in those groups and keep adding value. Once you have added enough values you can put your website links.

4 Instagram stories

We all love to put stories on our Instagram right? Then why not use this opportunity to drag traffic on our websites? Try to make an Instagram account for your website and keep uploading stories about the services or products that you are selling on your website. As you go on posting and uploading stories you can add links to your website. You will start to get more visitors to the website frequently.

5 Restream

This platform will help you go live with all the social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. From live sessions, you can discuss or promote your website and the product or services that you are selling. This way interested visitors will go to your website to check out the website.

6 Carousels on LinkedIn

This is a very interesting strategy to drive more traffic. You will notice when you post a pdf file on LinkedIn it turns into a carousel. When people swipe they start to get all the information one by one. This fact drags more followers to like, comment, and visit your website.

7 Twitter

This place is not only popular with celebrities but it is also famous for the B2B marketplace. Start interacting with others on posts that are going viral. When you post something relevant to your website you can post the link to the website there.

8 A free tool on your website

Try giving a free tool on your website. You can post the price of the tool to attract the attention of the visitors. This will help your website to get more traffic as more people will be interested to try that tool for free. Increase your website traffic in 2022 to get a huge boost for your business.