Want to do the marketing differently for your E-commerce startup? That’s an excellent plan! Because all we want is to stand out among the competitors! Here, we’ll share with you some of the best innovative marketing ideas to do the publicity for your new E-commerce business.

With the business model being convenient and profitable, most entrepreneurs aim to establish E-commerce businesses.

Considering that, there’s a huge amount of E-commerce. And, what are we basically doing for marketing?

You know that already! We’re utilizing digital marketing ideas alongside running traditional marketing.

Why not think outside the box? Let’s read up on the 10 innovative marketing ideas that have been formed to help aspiring E-commerce startups.

Give away well-made and beautiful shopping bags on the first purchase

Shopping bags will be a great idea to do the publicity for your newly launched E-commerce! To be frank, we all reuse shopping bags in need.

They could be nothing but clutters around your house. Still, we decide to keep some of them in our possession. At least, we don’t get rid of all of them. 

So, which bags are those that we don’t usually throw away? That’s pretty simple to answer. We keep bags that have a substantial capacity to hold stuff safely in them.

Considering that lifestyle of ours, your customers are no different. Not to mention they’re people too, just like us!

Since you will already be giving people shopping bags, why not provide them with some bags that are sturdy!

In addition, you can make it simply attractive. As a result, people will use the bag for other purposes without thinking twice.

Consequently, people will be doing your publicity without even knowing by carrying around the bag here and there. Hence, it’s a very innovative marketing idea.

You can plan accordingly the budget you have for marketing. You have a tight budget and you still want people to give them good-quality shopping bags.

Under that circumstance, you can give well-made bags to the customers on their first purchase only. That will be effective enough too.

Using the surrounding: Sticker on the vehicles

You can always utilize your surroundings to let people know about your newly formed E-commerce business.

Among these offline marketing ideas- graffiti art, street text art, placing festoons, billboards, and banners around an area- the idea of using stickers seems to be ignored a lot of times!

If allowed, adding sticking on the surface of vehicles is another useful idea. It has a very unique reason!

Vehicles move around, don’t they? If we compare stickers with festoons, billboards, and street arts, they are stuck in one place.

Besides, your target customer won’t see the advertisement unless they cross or visit the areas where you might put festoons. 

In that case, attaching stickers of your service on vehicles will extend the chance of your publicity.

In addition, do make the stickers noticeable. You can promote your service by integrating some prevailing social awareness issues into the sticker.

Since they will be smaller in size than other advertising materials, prepare them in a way so people don’t miss the stickers.

User-generated content: Ask customers to post photos/reviews involving your service

When customers take your service that is another opportunity to manage some publicity of your service.

We often don’t make use of this idea! Once you start selling to your customer, you can implement this idea easily.

All you need is to provide the lovely costumes with the best kind of service! If customers are happy, you surely can request them to give feedback about your service.

To execute the idea, you can ask your customers to post a photo or review on social media relating to your service/products.

Next, they tag you in their posts or they can simply mention your service page.

Once again, if you provide your customers with good service/products they will gladly promote your business.

Referral Program is a trendy innovative marketing idea

This idea is almost similar to the previous one but with a little difference. If your service is satisfactory then customers will recommend you on their own.

Yet, how many of them are going to make that effort?

This means, that every single customer might not do it entirely themselves. Without you asking, only a handful of the customers will be there to recommend you.

For that, you can directly ask your customers to refer you to their friends and family. However, that might not be enough to run a referral program.

In order to run a proper referral program, you can offer your customers something in return.

Consequently, there’s a high chance that they will recommend you as soon as possible! To ensure a fruitful referral program, some discount offers would be highly effective here.

Still, you can plan for any kind of attractive offer that will motivate your customers. 

Gift your customers masks

We know many businesses give masks as gifts these days because they have become a part of our daily life.

Now the question is for you, are you going to utilize it for your E-commerce start-up?

We highly recommend it! And, please if you are planning to source some low-quality musks then don’t bother doing it.

Because you need to give them something that is certainly going to make an impact. Regarding that, simple surgical musk with your business logo will be a good decision.

Still, if you have a bigger budget, do go for better quality and better-looking musks.

Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be ‘masks’. The idea of providing good-quality bags, and t-shirts will do the same.

The idea is to send them something useful. Most importantly, something that they will carry outside!

Get associated with a prevailing social issue: Offer Sponsorship

Sponsorship is one of the fast and popular strategies in order to build a brand. Sadly, all chances of sponsorships won’t be effective for you.

To ensure desired publicity, you can get associated with a prevailing social issue.

Example- homelessness & poverty,  civil rights, and discrimination, gender inequality, health care unavailability,  and so on.

Undoubtedly, we all face those issues more or less in our entire lifespan. And, many non-profit organizations are working on the issues.

They also form events for the issues every now and then to eradicate the problems by raising awareness among the citizens.

And, non-profit organizations are always in search of sponsors! So, our suggestion for you is to help them run events on social issues.

Social issues are related to all of us, right? As a result, the masses tend to notice those events more in relation to simply big events.

Send gifts on occasions

Alongside giving discounts, and free offers you can target occasions to send your customers gifts!

Yeah, there might not be any occasion during the time you launch your E-commerce startup. But, there must be some upcoming occasions.

Target one occasion and plan for sending gifts to your customers. When planning for a gift, consider the whole idea of the occasion then pick a gift accordingly.

In addition, gifts don’t have to be expensive. You can select something that suits the upcoming occasion. Something that’s beautiful and nice or something that’s useful.

Sending anything useful/ meaningful on an occasion will be very thoughtful of you. Your customers will certainly appreciate the nice gesture. 

The best idea innovative marketing idea is to Plan fun events

You can host events or parties to introduce your service to your customers. This is another faster way to get recognition in your target market.

Most people like to visit events or attend parties. Why not take this chance to advertise your new E-commerce service?

However, events and parties might not be fun enough to attend. To confirm people attend 

the event you are planning, run some noticeable publicity. You can invite people with cards, give the details of the activities at the event/ party.

Furthermore, give some reinforcement so people attend the event. Take, for example, you will offer some discounts, and extra points in membership to the people who attend the party.

Also, don’t forget to make the event as enjoyable as possible. Plan various fun activities so that people can enjoy the event to their fullest!

Simply try to make the event memorable. As a result, you will build a connection with target customers. 

Arrange some contests on social media

Ever participated in contests on social media? Well, most social media users come across these sorts of contests.

They actually love to participate in these contests. Why not utilize this chance too?

Refer an acquaintance, comment to win gifts, or vote to get discounts, photo/video contests- these are some of the most common social media contests. And

It’s now a prerequisite for branding to make people interact with you on all social media platforms.

Most of the services don’t bother making use of this strategy. Make sure you don’t ignore it too!

Promotional products in huge quantity

Giving away products for free is another effective way to do marketing. However, we aren’t just suggesting you offer free products.

If you really want people to take your service permanently, and acquire some boost in our publicity, you need to offer free products in huge quantities!

Even if not really a huge amount, target to make it significant. The amount or size has a lot to do to make your customers feel special.

So, make some effort to show a bighearted gesture! 

Final thoughts

We know innovative marketing is important and it’s scary to invest in an uncommon or a new marketing technique. But, you won’t know the effectiveness of a marketing strategy unless you put it into action.

Besides, you won’t be planning without researching the market and without forming a budget. 

If you really want to administer marketing for your E-commerce you can totally try the techniques we talked about.

Those plans will surely help you to present your business differently to target customers.

Good luck with your E-commerce startup marketing!

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