Electronic commerce in Bangladesh is a booming sector for the last 5 to 6 years and it is growing every day. In Bangladesh, there are more than 50 million active users of the internet on a daily basis. Steadily advanced IT sector infrastructures of this country have made it very easy for the mass population to get accessible fast internet service. All of these factors have paved the way for eCommerce platforms to flourish in Bangladesh.   

People, in general, think purchasing and selling products online is eCommerce. But purchasing services through the internet is also an eCommerce. 

The following are the 4 most trendy types of eCommerce in Bangladesh


  • Business to Business (B2B): It is a transaction or business conducted between 1 business and another. Such as a wholesaler and retailer.
  • Business to Consumer (B2C): This is a model in which products and services are sold among a company and consumers.
  • Customer to Customer (C2C): In this model, customers trade with each other by using a 3rd party platform as a middleman.
  • Business to Employees (B2E): Similar to the concept of Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Employees (B2E) is a method that concentrates on employees.

In this article, we are gonna explore the 10 best websites which are leading names in Bangladesh as an eCommerce.

Daraz Logo

1.Daraz.com.bd-(Top B2C eCommerce platform in Bangladesh)

Daraz is an international eCommerce platform. In 2015 Daraz Bangladesh started its journey. Now it has become the most popular eCommerce website in the country. In Bangladesh, more than 23,200 sellers are doing business with Daraz. They have 136 logistic hubs and 1,110 plus employees across the country. Syed Mostahidal Hoq is the Managing Director of Daraz Bangladesh.

Since its launch in Bangladesh Daraz has retained its position as the most popular eCommerce website in the country. In 2021 the total number of visitors to this site was 88.25 million, which is 7.35 million per month. Now, this number has raised to an estimated monthly visitors of 10.09 million. They have a huge collection of fashion, accessories, jewelry, footwear, furniture, gadgets, automobiles, etc.

Customers can do shopping according to their needs and budget, brand and non-brand products all are signified as well as rated with stars. Their service is very pleasant and sufficient for this reason they are able to acquire a huge number audience. 

Cash on delivery, online payment, debit and credit card payment, mobile payment, Online payment, etc are available for a smooth and convenient transaction on Daraz.

Daraz Group provides eCommerce platforms and logistical services in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. Daraz is a custom-designed website. In 2018 Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba Group obtained Daraz Group.

Foodpanda logo

2.Foodpanda.com.bd-(Best food delivery eCommerce in Bangladesh)

Foodpanda is another multinational eCommerce company on this list. It has created a food delivery service chain in 12 countries in the world. 2014 was the birth year of Foodpanda Bangladesh. Now, this is the largest and the best food delivery eCommerce in Bangladesh. 

Foodpanda has spread in 64 districts and has a very strong delivery setup in the country. They have 200 plus restaurants with them from Dhaka to Chittagong through to Sylhet alone. Through the website of foodpanda customers can even buy groceries and many more. Pandamart is an online grocery store where customers can buy groceries and all sorts of daily necessary items. It is a very unique feature that the foodpanda company gives to its audience. Someone can order snacks from a restaurant while doing grocery shopping at the same time from only one place. They are able to deliver products to customers within 30 to 60 minutes which is very convenient for the users. There is always some kind of discount available on their website. These sort of offers encourage people to connect with them all the time.

In 2019 foodpanda was working with about 3,200 restaurants in Bangladesh now the number is growing very fast. Delivery Hero is a German multinational food delivery service and is also the mother company of the global foodpanda franchise. Delivery Hero’s goal is to be the food delivery giant in the world. To achieve that they launched the foodpanda franchise in Asia. With the help of this franchise, they have successfully penetrated the food delivery industries of 12 countries in the Asia continent.


3.Chaldal.com(Largest grocery eCommerce in Bangladesh)

Chaldal.com is the largest grocery eCommerce website on this list. This is arguably the best grocery eCommerce in Bangladesh now. Chaldal was establish in 2013. From then they have made huge success throughout the years.

Currently, Chaldal operates in 7 major cities Dhaka, Chattogram, Jashore, Khulna, Sylhet, Gazipur & Rajshahi. They have a huge audience in Dhaka,

Narayanganj, Chattogram, Jashore and Khlna. The delivery executives of Chaldal start their work at 7:30 am till 11:00 pm. Customers can adjust the time of delivery according to their schedule. There are 3 major ways to order from Chaldal by website, by app, or by calling the hotline. They mostly deliver orders within an hour to customers.

The website and app design are very simple and user-friendly. All the sections are very nicely organize. The loading time of the site is under a second. They also have a very responsive customer care team working 24/7 to help the customers.

The most outstanding section is the Food Aid section. Here Chaldal team raises funds for the people in need of food. This method is a role model for corporates to think about their contribution to society. In terms of dedication, morale, and convenience Chaldal has the highest praise from customers. These simple but effective qualities have made Chaldal a mega-giant eCommerce platform of Bangladesh today.

In January 2022, People searched Chaldal.com 12,11,250 times directly. On a daily average 40375, direct searches.


4.Priyoshop.com-(Biggest one-stop eCommerce)

Priyoshop is an online retail shop. They began their journey in February 2013. This is a basically one-stop marketplace for anyone searching for anything. From daily necessary items to high-end luxury items all are under one umbrella.

They sell authentic and quality products to the customers as an example of a rich customer experience. All the products in Priyoshop are organize by the seller account users. So in a sense, they are a middleman working as a bridge as a media between sellers and actual buyers. It is a perfect example of a Customer to Customer (C2C) type of business model.

They also source products from abroad through vendors. For which the delivery of products takes more than a week and could be more expensive. Such as electronic items, gadgets, fashion accessories, etc. Priyoshop has a splendid customer care team for users to have a guide all the way while they are shopping on this platform. They have a very strong and steady delivery missions team that makes home delivery all over Bangladesh. They operate 6 days a week (Saturday to Thursday) except for public holidays. Exchange and other customer facilities are easy and friendly. 

Cash on delivery, online payment, debit and credit card payment, mobile payment, Online payment, etc are available for a smooth and convenient transaction for customers.

Priyoshop is powered by nopCommerce and developed and owned by Splender IT. According to Google’s data of January 2022, about 94.39% of users were from Bangladesh.


5.Rokomari.com-(Best book store eCommerce in Bangladesh)

Rokomari is the first-ever and the biggest retail book-selling eCommerce in Bangladesh. The vision of Rokomari was planned in 2012. The people of Bangladesh love reading books. For in the month of February a book fair is held nationally every year known as (২১শে বই মেলা).

The website of Rokomari is fully operated in one language Bangla. It is super easy for a bookworm to purchase items from this site. The design of this site is like a very fun library for all ages. Here are thousands upon thousands of book collections. From science & technology to children’s storybooks all are in one place. Stationary, electronic gadgets, gift items, and many more products can be purchased through Rokomari.

It even offers up to 50% discount for customers depending on the purchase amount. Rokomari campaign offers are creative and very lucrative, for this in term customers get hooked up to this platform. They have a very good and well-organized delivery system. Some items are shipped from abroad for which the delivery of the product takes a couple of months to reach its destination. But the wait is worth it cause the joy of reading an authentic book is very delightful and the accumulated efforts of all members in Rokomari made it a big happy eCommerce family today.

Meanwhile, in the January of 2022 Rokomari.com aggregated a total of 1.2 million visitors. Also, Rokomari.com is affiliated with Onnorokom web services limited.


6.Bikroy.com-(No.1 C2C eCommerce platform)

Bikroy.com is the first-ever eCommerce in Bangladesh to go viral. 2012 was the debut year for Bikroy.com and now it is the largest advertisement eCommerce platform in the country.

Enabling people to buy and sell used items at a much cheaper price made Bikroy.com a huge success. Posting ads to sell a product is very simplified and doesn’t take more than 2 minutes. It is the best Customer to customer platform in Bangladesh and the top-rated eCommerce to get authentic plus low-priced products. Nearly a million ads are active on this site now. Although ranging from electronics and home appliances to agriculture and overseas jobs etc. It not only features the C2C eCommerce business type but also is engaged as a traditional eCommerce like Daraz & Priyoshop.

The membership services program was launched in 2016 by Bikroy.com. Since then this program gave it an extra advantage to compete with its competition in the eCommerce market. This might not be a game-changer for them but they are able to penetrate the market. And able to make a small dent which is very smart. Bikroy.com was a very popular eCommerce sector in the past but who knows what might happen in the future.

“Can’t defeat but can do damage” type of mentality stays in this platform, they can bounce back anytime. 13,84,140 direct searches were found in January 2022 for Bikroy.com. It is owned by global tech firm Saltside Technologies.

clickbd | Dealna

7.Clickbd.com(1st ever eCommerce of Bangladesh)

Clickbd.com is the oldest eCommerce platform on this list. It was born on April 14, 2005, as the first eCommerce portal in Bangladesh. This is also the fastest-growing online community for electronics.

Clickbd.com was Founded by Humayoun Alamgir who is also the Managing Director of the company. The innovator’s vision was to change the buy and selling habits of the Bangladeshi people through a dynamic eCommerce. This was a dream in 2005 but now it’s become a daily necessity for lots of the people in Bangladesh. The website features a wide variety of products and services. These are very beneficial for the person who is surfing this website. They mainly focus on the young population, so that the youths can earn some money by selling products on clickbd.com. Trading real estate is also an option available for visitors. This website sometimes affiliates with other businesses to have a larger and specified audience. This sort of affiliate marketing helps to create a blue ocean and to make an entry barrier in the market.

Details about delivery are mentioned with the most transparency and mostly all payment methods are available for the customer. Currently, they are managing over 2,50,000 website visitors on a monthly average.


8.Pathao.com/bn/-( Service eCommerce in Bangladesh)

Pathao is the one and only multi-service eCommerce platform in Bangladesh. It was founded in 2015 by a team of problem solvers. Although Pathao began its journey as a delivery service back in 2015. However, from there it has stepped into many new platforms. In any case at the start, it was known to people as Pathao delivery now it is called Pathao services.

However, over the years it is divided into 4 major categories of services Pathao Ride, Pathao Food, Pathao Shop, Pathao Parcel & Courier Service. 

  • Pathao Ride is a ridesharing service like Uber and is a  B2C type of business. 
  • Pathao Food is a food delivery service similar to Foodpanda. 
  • Daraz is the biggest competitor of Pathao Shop and it falls under B2B and B2C types of business.
  • Pathao Parcel & Courier Service is the largest of all 4 services. The interesting part is through this service Pathao is conducting business with its rivals from all the services. REDX is a prime example to describe it.

Meanwhile, All the services of this platform is very impactful in everyday life. Also, the strength of this company lies within its delivery operations plus its R&D department.

Overall Pathao is a steadily growing eCommerce nationally. However in the upcoming future, it has the potential to be the largest eCommerce chain in the country.


9.Ajkerdeal.com(Most Popular Online Fashion Shop in Bangladesh)

Ajkerdeal is a sister concern of BDjobs- which is the largest online job marketplace in Bangladesh. It is being led by its Chairman and CEO Mr. Fahim Mashroor since its start in 2011. And he is also the CEO of BDjobs.com.

This website features a wide range of products for people of all ages. But the prime focus of Ajker is the young audience who are very conscious of fashion and trends. It has over 5,000 retailers in the country selling goods to more than 5,00,000 customers who are regular on Ajkerdeal. They add Almost 1,000 latest products to this site every day.

They deliver products all over the country with cost-free delivery on Bikash payment. On this website, a section called Live Shopping is very popular. It features videos with a model to describe the products in real-time. This feature is much more effective than product images on the site. This way customers get to see and hear details from actual merchants. This brings transparency and creates trust among the merchants and buyers for Ajkerdeal. Viewers can look for discounts here 24/7. So shopping on a budget is convenient for all.      

Cash on Delivery, Bikash, Master Card, Visa, and AMEX all are available payment gateways in Ajkerdeal.


10.Shwapno.com-(Largest Supermarket eCommerce in Bangladesh)

Shwapno is the largest supermarket chain in the country. At the time of writing about 208 outlets of this franchise is operational all over the country. The inauguration of Shwapno.com as an eCommerce platform was in 2017. Also, it is the youngest eCommerce platform on this list.

Shwapno online in terms of age is nothing in the eCommerce market. But it has the best experience of its business as a brick and mortar. Also, the brand value of this company is huge in Bangladesh which is a plus point for them. However, the goal of this eCommerce is to make grocery shopping easier and hassle-free. They have made a big impact on the eCommerce market during the pandemic situation. While delivering daily necessary products to the doorsteps of customers nationwide within an hour or two. Keeping posted followers through eCommerce website and social media. Give eye-catching offers and discounts online. All these ideas made this franchise unique from its brick-and-mortar competitors. Online and offline they are serving more than 40,000 customers on a daily basis.

Hence ACI Limited is the owner of Shwapno.com. ACI is also one of the top groups of companies in Bangladesh.