There are more than 300 popular clothing pages available in Bangladesh. Among these pages, most of them are women’s clothing pages. Since women’s fashion is very popular online. Day by day women of Bangladesh is becoming very concerned about fashion. Also, most teenage girls and young ladies prefer to stay trendy. That’s why they are now buying clothes depending on the trend. However, there are some business owners who are well concerned about their customer’s demands and choices so following the trend they have managed to meet their customer’s needs by selling the latest clothing line. Let’s see the latest fashion for women in Bangladesh.

No1: Style Echo

Style Echo is currently the best and one of the most popular clothing shops in Bangladesh. It started its journey as a small FB clothing page in 2012 when online shopping wasn’t that popular. Their most demandable products are salwar kameez, Sharara, and Pakistani dresses. Depending on customer’s demand and staying up to date with the latest fashion for women. Style Echo has managed to remain a top seller to this day. 

They have launched 3 remarkable physical stores in Bashundhora City, Jamuna Future Park, and Dhanmondi Shimanto Square and all of them are successful stores. Even though they have physical stores, their sales rate online is still very high and famous. Their services both offline and online are pretty remarkable as well. They have certain policies and fair rules for customer service. Also, their product quality is very good and fashionable.

No2: Western dress gallery

Western dress gallery is an aesthetics online complete lifestyle store for women in Bangladesh. They believe in finding good quality products for their customers and their main goal is their customer’s satisfaction. Women in Bangladesh are now moving forward with bold and high fashion western dresses, and some are now more likely to wear western dresses in a modest way. Teenagers and young ladies find western dresses comfortable to wear and also they find these dresses very aesthetic.

Women’s dress Gallery acknowledged these facts and imported high-quality, stylish yet comfortable dresses. They don’t have any showrooms yet but their online store is always busy and sales are very high. Most celebrity women of Bangladesh prefer the Western Dress Gallery page to buy the latest dress. Western Dress Gallery is on a mission about “CFS” which means “Comfort Your fashion by your own Style, their rising popularity is proof that they are fulfilling its mission in an accurate way.

No3: Katan Sareer Mela

Katan Sareer Mela is one of the most popular stores in Bangladesh when it comes to buying traditional saree. This store is best for selling Katan Saree, Silk Saree, Jamdani Saree, Indian Half Silk Saree, Jorjet Saree, Kanchi Baram Saree, Jamdani Saree, Tat Saree, Banarasi Saree. They have high quality, fashionable and huge collections of saree. They have been running their online business successfully for a long time. Since they have a unique collection and good customer service with an easy return policy they have managed to compete with other top saree stores in Bangladesh.

No4: Anzara

The best and one of the most famous online stores for bridal lehenga and party wear for women. This store started its journey in 2014 and since then its popularity has increased in a remarkable way. All of their dresses are unique and attractive. They are very enthusiastic about their clothing line. Most Bengali celebrity women are seen wearing Anzara’s clothes on several occasions. Over the last 3 three years, they have held multiple ramp shows that drastically increased their sales rate. They now own a large physical shop. All of their dresses are imported. Their rising popularity has gained them more customers outside of Dhaka city. Now they have their own showroom.

No5: Online BD

Online Bd with one voice of the most popular Facebook Page for online shopping in Bangladesh. Online BD has this unique ability to capture their customer’s hearts through their cheerful live presentation, and stylish dress collections. They always put their customer’s choices first when choosing their products. This particular shop is popular for their Kurtis, Gowns, Tops, and 3 pieces. Most of these items are imported from different countries and some are handcrafted. Their shop is fully operated online, with no physical store and they are running it successfully. Keeping up with the trend and style they are serving their potential customers with diligence.

No6: Hijabiana

Hijabiana is one of the most famous modest brand shops with the best quality designer abayas, Capes,  Dubai Borka, Shrugs, Cover-Ups, and Irani Abayas. All of their dresses are imported from Dubai. They are sincere about their clothing style and trend. Their collections are unique and attractive. Also, they always stay up to date with their clothing brand and make sure to satisfy their customer’s demands. For their humble customer service, they gained popularity outside of Dhaka city. Besides their online shop, they now own 3 large showrooms located at ZamZam Tower, Metro Shopping Mall, and Baitul Aman Housing Society.

No7: Fashion Prangon

This page is popular for its three-piece and party wear. For their active and unique presentation skill, they quickly gained potential customers and for their fashionable dresses, they became popular. They have one showroom and their sales rate is high both offline and online. Their clothes are all imported. By providing high-quality stylish clothes they have earned their customer’s trust hence they are competing with the top best clothing stores.

No8: Violeta

Violeta is a popular clothing brand for stylish three-piece and party wear. They quickly gained popularity through regular live presentations and for selling high-demand fashionable party wear dresses. They mostly import dresses from India and Pakistan. Their high sale rate is remarkable as they are always up to date with their clothing brand. They have one physical store and their sale rate is high both offline and online.

No9: Butterfly by Shagufta

This brand is popular for its Party Saree, Gown, Lehenga, and Three-piece. Unlike other brands, all the clothes of this shop are designed by fashion designer Shagufta. Most Bengali iconic celebrity women have been seen wearing outfits from Butterfly by Shagufta. All the designs are unique and latest. From gorgeous Lehenga to sparkly party Saree each and every collection sets its own trend. They have held a few ramp shows as well. Among women, its popularity as a fashion brand is rising every year. Their best interest is to serve the customer with trendy and fashionable clothing.

No10: Glam Touch

This page is popular for its Western Gowns and Kurtis and Kaftans. All of their clothes are imported from India and Pakistan. They are always active on social media and their clothes are always iconic and fashionable. Their main purpose is to sell stylish dresses at a reasonable price. Since their clothes are easily affordable all kinds of customers can purchase their products.  They have a huge collection of comfortable gowns and Kurtis. Glam Touch showcases its clothes live on social media platforms like Facebook in a very cheerful way. Hence they have managed to attract potential customers to their page and are now running successful online businesses.

* Top 10 Women Fashion E-commerce in Bangladesh